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Shoulder Pain Relief in Austin

Man holding shoulderShoulder pain can range from mildly annoying to debilitating and be a constant deterrent to our daily activities. At Motion Chiropractic, we know whether the person is an athlete or a desk-bound professional; shoulder and upper back issues may significantly impact their quality of life.

We’re dedicated to guiding our patients through a recovery process that’s effective and aligned with their lifestyle needs and health goals. Discover what we offer!

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Often, shoulder pain stems from our modern lifestyles—long hours at the work desk, repetitive movements, and the perpetual forward-rounded posture we adopt while on our electronic devices. These factors contribute to various muscular and postural imbalances that result in discomfort and reduced mobility.

Dr. Hamvay has successfully provided rapid relief and progressive healing for shoulder-related issues. Using a unique combination of techniques designed for each individual’s case, he uses the following:

  • Cervical and thoracic spinal adjustments—corrects misalignments and promotes nerve function
  • TTAPS Technique—addresses fascial and neurologic imbalances for a holistic healing approach
  • Shoulder blade mobilization—restores proper movement and mechanics in the shoulder area
  • Therapeutic exercises—targets the muscles involved, improving strength and flexibility

Some conditions like “frozen shoulder” may be complex, typically requiring about two-three months of consistent chiropractic care for healing. Most patients feel a significant improvement after their first session.

If no improvement is noticed within a few sessions, Dr. Hamvay recommends diagnostic imaging to rule out more severe conditions. We are committed to providing not just temporary relief but a path toward long-term wellness.

Need a Change for the Better?

Don’t settle for living with shoulder pain. Take control of your well-being today by scheduling an appointment with us today. Experience firsthand the relief our chiropractic care can offer.


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