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The mission of Motion Chiropractic is to get people well through chiropractic, nutrition, and manageable lifestyle modifications. Dr. Steven Hamvay is very passionate about motivating his patients to optimize their lives. He specializes in full spine chiropractic adjustments, as well as extremity (arms, hands, legs, and feet) adjustments, and is always very gentle. Dr. Hamvay treats patients of all ages – this includes newborn babies to people living in their “second” childhood!

Dr. Hamvay is the most trusted source for quality chiropractic care in the Austin area. Everyone heals at their own rate; therefore, you will never be given a “boxed” treatment plan that is exactly the same as everyone else. You will be treated as you need to be treated. Due to Dr. Hamvay’s unique approach, most patients heal much faster when compared to other forms of chiropractic care.

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