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About Dr. Steven Hamvay at Motion Chiropractic in Austin

Dr. Steven Hamvay has chosen quality over quantity! Our office is NOT a typical “high volume” chiropractic office. Here, Dr. Hamvay offers more face-to-face time with his patients than most chiropractors. This allows him to fully understand your ailments, and helps him tailor a treatment plan that is unique to you. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Our Primary Goal is to Get People Better

Many chiropractic offices these days are managed by a “group” or a management company. Their primary goal is to drive up numbers and increase revenue. While this is a good business model, it decreases the amount of doctor to patient time. In the 11 years that Motion Chiropractic has been open, we have never adopted this business model. Currently, the office is owned by Dr. Steven Hamvay, and the only outside influences on the business comes from our patients, Ann (the office manager), and Marisa (Dr. Hamvay’s wife).

Our primary goal is to get people better! Dr. Hamvay takes a very honest approach to treating his patients. You will never be given a “boxed” treatment plan, and never told you need to come in 30 times in the next 2 months. The truth is, nobody knows how long it will take you to heal. Dr. Hamvay takes a no-nonsense approach, and people are usually out of pain or feeling much better within 3-6 visits. After that, you can either choose to continue your care, or simply come back just when you hurt. Either way is fine with us – there’s no pushy contracts or guilt trips here. The only thing we push is health and well-being!

Our Approach is Geared Toward Restoring the Proper Functioning of Your Nervous System

Dr. Hamvay also approaches pain, health, and wellness differently than your average chiropractor. Your treatment will be geared to first and foremost decrease your pain and suffering. There are various methods that Dr. Hamvay uses, and what is done is dependent on what is going on. Treatments are geared to restore proper functioning of your nervous system. This is needed whether your main complaint is pain or IBS. Once your nervous system is properly “fueled” and “activated,” your body can then begin to heal and regulate itself properly, just how it was meant to! In today’s society, it is easy for our bodies to become overwhelmed with toxicities, nutritional imbalances, food intolerances, emotional traumas, and core instabilities, which all lead to imbalances in your nervous system. Because of Dr. Hamvay’s unique background, post-doctoral studies, and treatment approach, he knows how to properly address your needs in order to improve your function and improve your life!

We Offer Cold Laser Therapy

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We Offer Food Intolerance Testing
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