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About Motion Chiropractic

Our practice believes everyone deserves to thrive. Motion Chiropractic offers chiropractic care with a heart, prioritizing your unique wellness goal.

When you walk into our practice, we treat you like family. Our genuine desire to steer you and your loved ones toward well-being embodies our commitment to transparent, holistic health care.

Since our founding, we have remained dedicated to helping our community heal naturally. Learn more about our practice and how we might help you live your life more fully through compassionate, patient-first chiropractic care.

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Our Mission: Guiding You on the Path to Wellness

We are centered on fostering familial happiness and health. In a chaotic world, our goal is to guide our patients to wellness through transparency and easygoing chiropractic care.

Beyond in-person appointments, Dr. Steve Hamvay offers additional case-by-case support. We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer guidance in your endeavor to happy, healthy living.

Making the Move to Austin

Our practice originated in California, where it steadily outgrew its roots. Drawn to the vibrance and diversity of the Austin community, we decided to relocate and continue spreading the goodness of natural wellness.

Dr. Steve acquired our practice from another local chiropractor. He then began growing his patient community, prioritizing accessible and affordable holistic health care. Since moving, we have had the honor of creating a dynamic healing environment where everyone from all walks of life has a place with us.

Delivering Quality Care With Compassion

At the heart of our practice is a simple mantra: Treat others as you want to be treated. Dr. Steven designed his practice as a place where he would confidently send his own loved ones. This commitment to compassionate care remains the cornerstone of our patient-focused approach to chiropractic care.

A Memorable Success Story

Among our triumphs, one that stands out involves a young patient who walked into our clinic with a walker after a severe car accident. Despite prior consultations and therapies, her issues persisted. Dr. Steve met with her, learned more about her limitations, and delivered specific chiropractic adjustments to ignite healing. In only three visits, this young patient could discard the walker anda begin living her life more comfortably.

Isn’t It Time to Elevate Your Health?

Join our practice to experience comprehensive chiropractic care with a heart. We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to a life of natural wellness.

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