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How can a Chiropractor Help Autism?

July 24, 2018

It’s a word every parent dreads hearing when it comes to their children: autism. It’s a word that represents a lifetime of difficult communication, painful misunderstandings, emotional trauma, and distant relationships. While this diagnosis doesn’t lessen the amount of love you feel for your child, you know that their journey through life just became immeasurably more challenged.
When circumstances are dire and hope is diminishing, families and patients everywhere look at every possible solution to ease their suffering and the suffering of their loved ones. When it comes to dealing with autism, few people understand the profound impacts that a chiropractor can have. While it’s an option that not enough families consider, we at Motion Chiropractics understand how our best practices and treatment options can greatly benefit our patients dealing with the struggles of autism.

Here are a few ways an Autism diagnosis can be helped by a chiropractor.

It Benefits Your Nervous System and Helps Neurological Function. Did you know that chiropractic adjustments can help repair or restore autistic patients to proper neurological function? Visiting a qualified chiropractor frequently can result in improvements to a person’s sensory, motor, and autonomic nervous systems. Most autistic patients have a nervous system that can get stuck in a state of “fight or flight” response; when this happens, the digestive function can be suppressed. Routine chiropractic adjustments can help remove neurological stress and allow for higher functionality of the digestive systems.

Your Immune System Will Be in Excellent Shape

An improved immune function is one of the most talked about benefits of chiropractic care, especially when it comes to someone who is autistic. Because of the neurological connections to the stomach, small and large intestines, improved digestive and gut function can also result from proper chiropractic care.

It Ensures Quality Spine Function

When you improve the function of the spine and nervous systems by making an appointment with a chiropractor, you are also making the decision to proactively improve the function of all other systems in your body.

You’ll See Quick Results

While every patient is different, it has been known that the positive impacts of seeing a chiropractor are immediately seen. Although the severity of the problems and other lifestyle factors will determine when a patient starts to feel better, on average, most people tend to see vast improvements after only a few weeks.While autism is a lifelong struggle with countless painful consequences, we at Motion Chiropractics would be honored to help you or your loved ones ease their suffering however we can. Call us at 512-258-8880 or email us at [email protected]; with your questions about autism or to schedule your next appointment.

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