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Frequently Asked Questions at Motion Chiropractic

Motion Chiropractic has received plenty of frequently asked questions about our services and office in Austin. If you do not see your question answered here, contact us and we are happy to help!

How does chiropractic work?   

Chiropractic is simple, yet exquisitely complex. Chiropractic adjustments restore proper joint motion within spinal and extra-spinal (arms, hands, legs, feet) joints. This involves finding joints that are stuck or not moving well and applying a very gentle, specific force into those joints. This relieves pain and stiffness, but also reconnects that joint with your brain. If a joint is not moving properly, the receptors in the joint are not communicating effectively with your brain – similar to talking on a cell phone with spotty reception. This can cause muscles to spasm and pull on those dysfunctional joints; causing more pain, stiffness, and disconnection. It typically takes more than a few adjustments to totally restore proper joint function.

What is an adjustment?   

An adjustment is performed by your doctor of chiropractic, and involves applying a gentle amount of force in a very precise vector in order to restore joint motion and function. At Motion Chiropractic, Dr. Hamvay uses his hands to perform the majority of the adjustments. At times he will also use a specially designed table to assist with adjustments and/or an instrument called the Erchonia Adjustor. Dr. Hamvay has spent the last 10 years perfecting his craft with the tutelage of his wonderful mentors, as well as hundreds of hours of post-graduate studies. This has all allowed Dr. Hamvay to create extremely effective and gentle chiropractic adjustments that are specifically tailored to the patient.

Do the adjustments hurt?   

No, the adjustment does not hurt. However, you may experience some soreness after being treated. This happens because muscles are relaxing and releasing lactic acid, which will stimulate nerve endings and cause some soreness. The majority of Dr. Hamvay's patients feel significant improvement in pain immediately after treatment, and even tell him about what a great night's sleep they experience after being adjusted!

What is the pop all about?   

The "pop" that chiropractic is so affectionately known for comes from the release of pressure within a joint. This process is known as a Cavitation. This allows nitrogen and carbon dioxide to change from liquid to gas form. This is exactly what happens when you open a can of soda and the carbon dioxide changes from liquid to gas form (by the way...stop drinking those sodas!).

What if I’ve had surgery?   

Then you are a great candidate for chiropractic care! Dr. Hamvay has worked with some of the largest Neurosurgical facilities in Columbia, SC. He has treated patients with recent and older surgeries, including Discectomy, Laminectomy, Spinal Fusion, etc. Often times the treatment is geared toward the segments above and below the surgical site. Chiropractic is especially important for someone who has had back surgery because their spinal biomechanics will have to adapt after the surgery. This will put more pressure on the areas above and below the surgical site, and speed up problems like arthritis and leave you more prone for injuries. If for some reason you are not an ideal candidate for chiropractic care after surgery, Dr. Hamvay will let you know and help direct you toward a manageable solution for your problem.

But can’t I just pop my own neck?   

NO! When you pop your own neck or back, you are mobilizing the segments that are actually hyper-mobile (moving too much). These are the joints that do not need to be mobilized because of the muscle and ligament laxity around them. This could actually cause harm in the long run.

Is chiropractic safe for pregnant women?   

The answer is a resounding YES! Actually, it is now recommended by many OBs and especially midwives for pregnant moms to be adjusted. Just a few benefits include decreased labor time and effort, better quality of sleep, relieves uterine constraints on the baby, lowers blood pressure, helps with headaches, and of course, helps with various aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Dr. Hamvay has also spent a significant amount of his career developing and studying techniques (like Webster technique) that have helped many pregnant mothers with breech babies.

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