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Visiting a Chiropractor To Treat ADHD Symptoms

It affects children and adults alike not only throughout the United States but all across the globe. There has been a 53% jump in diagnoses of this condition since 2001, with nearly 6.4 million children between the ages of 4 and 17 being impacted. This debilitating affliction that we are describing here is none other than Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. If you or someone you love is suffering from ADHD, you will do anything in your power to help ease their suffering. Although various medications are most often the go-to method for treating symptoms, such prescriptions while having…Read More

How can a Chiropractor Help Autism?


It’s a word every parent dreads hearing when it comes to their children: autism. It’s a word that represents a lifetime of difficult communication, painful misunderstandings, emotional trauma, and distant relationships. While this diagnosis doesn’t lessen the amount of love you feel for your child, you know that their journey through life just became immeasurably more challenged. When circumstances are dire and hope is diminishing, families and patients everywhere look at every possible solution to ease their suffering and the suffering of their loved ones. When it comes to dealing with autism, few people understand the profound impacts that a…Read More

Hip Pain? Chiropractic Can Help

Hip Pain

Experiencing uncomfortable hip pain? With all the different kinds of hip pain out there, it’s important to know what is causing the pain and how to prevent it. Basic, everyday body movements will become harder and harder if you let you the pain continue. Don’t let hip pain control your life – start taking precautions today with the team at Motion Chiropractic! Different Types of Hip Pain Arthritis– The most common form of hip pain is arthritis. Symptoms of arthritis include cartilage loss, swelling, stiffness, and joint degeneration. Although there is no cure, you can find ways to slow down…Read More

Channel Your Inner Caveman with the Paleo Diet

Healthy Food on Plate

In the early 2000’s the Paleo diet started to gain popularity as one of the newest health trends for clean eating.  While the paleo movement was popularized by Dr. Loren Cordain in his 2002 book, The Paleo Diet, the idea behind this lifestyle choice was developed by Gastroenterologist Dr. Walter Voegtlin in 1975. The idea behind the Paleo Diet, also known as the Paleolithic Diet, is that as humans we should eat more like our “cave person” ancestors from the Paleolithic era.  With that in mind, there are several things to consider if you are thinking about adopting this eating…Read More

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